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Fertilizing and Seeding

Fertlizing & Seeding

No two lawns are alike. Each one is different, with each one needing different seed and fertilizer based off a variety of factors from shade and sun, to watering schedule and soil content. At A Cut Above Lawn Service of Colorado Springs and Monument CO we have both the expertise and patients to do it right... the first time.

From early spring fertilizing and seeding to late spring, early fall and late fall we will create a custom schedule for your lawn, whether you want the best lawn in the neighborhood or just want it to match everybody elses, we've got you covered.

Early Spring Fertilizing

When your lawn wakes up for spring it's hungry and we know what to feed it. We will feed it the right mix of nutrients to strengthen the roots in order to prepare your grass for the heavy growing season.

Lawn Fertlizing ColoradoLate Spring Fertilizing

By late spring your lawn is getting hungry again, it's been busy growing and using up stored energy. Late spring is the time to "weed-and-feed" because while your lawn is growing, so is broadleaf weeds.

Summer Fertilizing

It's no surprise, summer is tough on grass. With the dry heat in Colorado Springs and Monument, as well as drought like conditions and foot traffic it's important that your grass is feed over the summer months as it grows from spring to fall.

Fall Fertilizing

Fall brings with it ideal conditions for your lawn and it's time to repair it from the damage of the summer months. We feel that this is the single most important time to fertilize your lawn, it will strengthen the roots and will aid your lawn in storing up the energy it needs for a long winters nap.

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